Switch & Save Promo

***Offer is for a limited time, but the monthly rate doesn't change as long as you stay signed up***
Includes 3 Day Free Trial
$ 15
  • 3 Simultaneous Devices with same login
  • 7 Days Catch Up Viewing Included

Switch & Save Promo Terms & Conditions

Switch & Save is a limited time promotion. To receive the discount, you must provide your name, email and and the name of your current provider, ie. Dish Network, Spectrum, Tugo TV etc. You must upload a copy of a recent invoice/bill from a current provider. We need to see the service name and your name on the invoice/bill that will match with the name on your new VU TV+ account. That’s all we need you to prove! You can take a picture, scan or send a PDF. Just fill out the information in the box above and select send files. Your eligibility to receive this offer is based on Vu TV+ receiving a copy of a current invoice/bill and matching the name to the account you set up with VU TV+. We will review your eligibility during your 5 day free trial and if you do not qualify, we will contact you to further verify your eligibility. You are not required to cancel your current service. *If you qualify, you will receive the discount monthly for the duration of your active term. The discount will only apply to active consecutive months. SO,… if you decided to leave us at some point and come back and we are no longer running the switch and save promotion, you will be charged the regular monthly rate on your new account. Don’t delay, make the switch today!

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